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Sep 19, 2020

Wrestlers Recognized at Unusual Awards Ceremony!

COVID-19 may have cancelled our awards banquet back in March, but today Coach Helman and Coach McWilliams honored the athletes in a "drive-by" awards ceremony held at BHS. Several wrestlers and their families came by to say hello and reminisce about the 2019-2020 season. Apparently, 2020 is also the year of the drastic hairstyle change, as many of the wrestlers were unrecognizable with way more hair (or way less!) than last winter!

The awards for the 2019-2020 season were as follows:

Junior Varsity Participants:

JJ Bickford,  Juan Pablo Dacuba Meira, Rohan Edwards, Patrick Egan, Alex Fontaine, Dasan Caggiano Green, Thomas Piccoli Freitas, Nate Ryan, Juan Portilla Tapia

Varsity Letters:

Varsity letters are given to athletes with multiple varsity starts and a determination to succeed. The varsity letter can also be given to a wrestler who makes a significant contribution to the varsity team.

First-time Varsity Letters

Ben Davis, Brandon Shull, Brandon Silva, Sophia Simonelli, Ayden Wolfe

Returning Lettermen:

Miles Bearse, Jackson Chesbro, Aidan Flood, Sean Hanson, Cole Shechtman, Josh Stanley, Evan Walker

Cape and Islands All-Stars:

Brandon Shull, Aidan Flood, Josh Stanley, Juan Pablo Dacuba Meira

Honorable Mention: Ayden Wolfe

Cape & Islands Sportsmanship Award: Sean Hanson

Competition Awards:

Take-down Champ, Points Leader, Pin Master: Josh Stanley (This year, having swept all three categories easily, we will give one trophy to Josh and call it the "Triple Threat" award)

Sportmanship Award: Sean Hanson (for the wrestler who always carries himself with team pride and respect for others: win or lose

Rookie of the Year: Brandon Shull (for the first year wrestler who showed improvement, made a contribution to the team,  and is poised to be an excellent future competitor.) Brandon's first year gave him a 19-17 record and a 6th place medal at sectionals. He is a coachable young man with a desire to compete!

Coaches' Award: Ayden Wolfe AKA Wolfie (for the well-rounded wrestler who showed improvement and contribution to others, and is a role model. Ayden always wants what is best for the team, he shows leadership and the ability to meet personal goals

Strength and Honor: Nate Ryan (for the wrestler who is a strong competitor, a student of the sport, and has a love for the sport of wrestling). Nate has a love for the sport and is always looking to improve his skills

Red Raider Award: Aidan Flood (goes to the wrestler that was a major asset to the team and has shown the strength and determination of a champion) Aidan finished his season strong with a fifth place showing at sectionals, which qualified him as an alternate for States.

MVP: Josh Stanley (This award goes to the wrestler who proved to be valuable in every match, showed heart, sportsmanship and a desire to lead by example.) In the several years that I have worked with Josh, he has always been a strong competitor. This past season, he has grown not only as a wrestler, but into a fine young man. This season brought him several medals, a first place win at the Cape Cod Invitational, and fifth place at Sectionals. While wrestling as an alternate at the State tournament, he finished his season with an incredible 40 wins. It's no surprise that Josh is this year's MVP.

Thanks again to the coaches, athletes, and fans for a wonderful season!

Aidan Flood

Sean Hanson

Miles Bearse

Josh Stanley

Jackson Chesbro

Ayden Wolfe

Cole Shechtman

Brandon Shull

Dasan Caggiano Green

Aug 7, 2020

Message to the Team from Coach Helman

The Challenge

Challenges are nothing new to a wrestler.  As a student athlete wrestler, we are tasked with study, conditioning, strength training, diet, technique and slew of other challenges both personal and social.  Every day we get up and rise to the occasion, sometimes reluctantly, but always moving forward and mustering the enthusiasm needed to be a wrestler.  

COVID-19 is another one of those challenges.  As we are uncertain what a 2020-21 season will look like, we still need to be ready for whatever the season brings.  Although we may not currently be able to step on the mat to challenge our opponents and teammates, we can study our sport through reading, video, and drill. We can challenge our personal abilities with body resistance exercises such as push up and pullups.  We can control our diet with healthy foods and proper hydration.

As many of us have come to realize, wrestling is a mindset. Our mindset can either enhance our life or hold us back.  Let’s find those challenges that create a positive mindset for whatever the future has in store for us as wrestlers.  

- Coach Helman

Feb 23, 2020

Wrestlers volunteer at the Hyannis Marathon

Thank you to the wrestlers, families, alumni, and friends who volunteered at the Hyannis Marathon today.  The volunteers served as course flaggers to ensure that all runners were able to follow the marked route.  In exchange for six hours of help, the course director made a generous donation to our program.  We are grateful for the time that so many of you gave up today to help the team!  Money earned will be used for off-season training or apparel for the team.  Thank you to Mark Stanley for setting up this event, and our friends at the BHS Powerlifting Club for helping fill some of the spots.

Wrestling Team Volunteers included: Mark Stanley, Ben Davis, Collin Flood, Cole Shechtman, Collin Lane, JJ Bickford, Nate Ryan, Jackson Chesbro, Brandon Shull, Josh Stanley, Miles Bearse, Jim Chesbro, and (not pictured) Chris Ryan

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