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Feb 6, 2016

Barnstable (10-9) goes 3-1 on the Day

Super Quad Meet Results

Round 1...Barnstable 64   Taunton 9
Round 2.. Barnstable 12   Carver  9
Round 3.. Barnstable 45   Cohassett 33
Round 4.. Barnstable 12  Braintree 66


at 132 lbs. Senior Captain, Casey Connor (27-6) goes 3-0 for the day  with 3 pins
at 113/120 lbs.  Freshman Mike Stanley goes 3-0 for the day with 3 pins

at 106 lbs.  Freshman RJ Hicks goes 1-2 with 1 pin
at 126 lbs.  Junior Kyle White goes 2-1 with 1 pin
at 138 lbs.  Sophomore Vinny Ciliberto goes 1-2
at 145 lbs. Junior Ben Potts goes 2-2 with 1 pin
at 170 lbs Sophomore Jack Manoog goes 2-1 with 2 pins
at 195 lbs Sophomore Lucas St Jean goes 2-1 with 2 pins
at 220 lbs. Sophomore Lou Cocozza goes 2-2 with 2 pins
at Heavyweight..Senior Zach Tivey goes 2-1

Next up at Plymouth North Wednesday 2/10/16

Feb 5, 2016




 BHS Wrestlers to arrive by 7:30am !!!!

Weigh Ins at 9am  (1 pound allowance) 
Announcements and National Anthem 9:50am
Wresting to begin at 10am

All JV Matches will be held on open Mats in between rounds… mix n match
No JV Matches after round 5

Full Snack Bar Available from 9am till Finish

Round 1   aprox 10am -11:00  start at 106
Mat 1 Barnstable vs Taunton
Mat 2 Carver vs Braintree
Cohasett bye

Round 2  aprox 11:15 -12:15  start at 113
Mat 1 Barnstable vs Carver
Mat 2 Cohasset vs Braintree
Taunton bye

Round 3  aprox 12:30 - 1:30 start at 120
Mat 1 Cohasett vs Carver  (OR Full Round of JV Matches (all teams) if they don't want to face each other)
https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/proxy/AVvXsEho35WjsFHMo6oYDKwoQZO0TVCuewjX97PXhsIxukNgU4PToLaHH0shldkVmKwP6O2V_-ROl-lWiY28z9nSatQ06SIVwEt1msRO5n0-wDvnE75Ri0yLJMIkmrnQaC33ppFTMLe12-8a0BwF3epGgJkWIoHzKJLZl8h_CWpO=s0-d-e1-ftMat 2 Taunton vs Braintree
Barnstable bye

Round 4  aprox 1:45 to 2:45  start at 126
Mat 1 Barnstable vs Cohasett
Mat 2 Carver vs Taunton
Braintree bye

Round 5  aprox 3:00 to 4:00  start at 132
Mat 1 Barnstable vs Braintree
Mat 2 Taunton vs Cohasett
Carver bye

Feb 3, 2016

Barnstable Edges out Sandwich

Barnstable Wins 38 to 29

Weight class             Barnstable               Sandwich
106                           RJ Hicks  14            Tanner Davidson 0
113                           Collin Lane 0            Cam Glick 15
120                           Mike Stanley            Bryon Hopkins pin   
126                           Kyle White  2            Paul Cody  4   
132                           Casey Connor 9       Rob Davidson 3
138                           Vinny Ciliberto 12    Nick Kias 5
145                           Ben Potts  pin          Matt Noonan
152                           Nate Manuel              Matt Landry  pin    
160                           Isaac Dulak 2            Alex Mays 8
170                           Jack Manoog pin      Joe Murphy
182                           Alex Lopes                Nate Fistori  pin
195                           Lucas St. Jean pin    Shane Casey
220                           Lou Cocozza             Forfeit

Heavyweight              Zach Tivey  12           Tom Levy 1 
Feb 2, 2016

Heading Into the Home Stretch

The Red Raiders have 3 more events before Post Season

The season is winding down and Barnstable will look to get better each day before heading to the Division 1 South Sectional Tournament at Quincy High School on Saturday, Feb. 13th 

With 6 more Dual meets on the schedule, The 6-8 Red Raiders could get their win - loss record well above .500,  But it won't be easy!

Barnstable will recognize their Senior Wrestlers tomorrow night (Wed) at Home as they face Sandwich at 7pm

Saturday 2/6, Barnstable will Host Taunton, J/Quincy, Cohasset and Carver in a Super Quad Meet starting at 10am

The Red Raiders finish the regular season at Plymouth North on Wed. Feb 10th

To all Parents, Friends and Supporters please come out and support the team!  To help show your support we have Team T-Shirts and Decals available for sale

 Also we will be looking for product donations and volunteers for the snack bar for both home events

 Please contact Bonnie Stanley at blaney96@gmail.com if you are interested in buying a shirt or decal or if you can donate products or time


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