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Dec 30, 2013


All wrestlers receive a 2 pound growth allowance starting Jan 1st..This means if your weight class was 106 it is now 108....

Also for school night meets you can (weigh-in) in the morning before class and if you make weight you will get an additional 3 pound allowance for weigh ins that evening..

That means for this Thursday if your weight class is 120, you must weigh-in at 122lbs or below in the morning..... eat healthy during the day and when you weigh-in against Durfee that evening you must weigh 125lbs or below

This Wednesday 1/1/14....all wrestlers are invited to a group practice with Sandwich and Nauset at Compass Athletics in Sandwich from noon - 2pm ..this is not a mandatory practice but all wrestlers are encouraged to attend

Good Luck at Durfee HS on Thursday evening!!

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