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Aug 7, 2020

Message to the Team from Coach Helman

The Challenge

Challenges are nothing new to a wrestler.  As a student athlete wrestler, we are tasked with study, conditioning, strength training, diet, technique and slew of other challenges both personal and social.  Every day we get up and rise to the occasion, sometimes reluctantly, but always moving forward and mustering the enthusiasm needed to be a wrestler.  

COVID-19 is another one of those challenges.  As we are uncertain what a 2020-21 season will look like, we still need to be ready for whatever the season brings.  Although we may not currently be able to step on the mat to challenge our opponents and teammates, we can study our sport through reading, video, and drill. We can challenge our personal abilities with body resistance exercises such as push up and pullups.  We can control our diet with healthy foods and proper hydration.

As many of us have come to realize, wrestling is a mindset. Our mindset can either enhance our life or hold us back.  Let’s find those challenges that create a positive mindset for whatever the future has in store for us as wrestlers.  

- Coach Helman

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