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Barnstable drops one to Bridgewater-Raynham

Barnstable faced off against B-R for the "Old Colony League Championship" on Wednesday night, but fell short due to some crafty strategy on B-R's end.

B-R introduced their wrestlers prior to the meet at their assigned weight classes, but then switched the lineup during the meet to allow for more wins.  Coaches are able to use strategy during a dual meet to "bump" wrestlers up or out of the lineup.  At the beginning of the meet, there is a coin toss and the winners will choose "odd" or "even."  "Odd" means that the opponent must send its wrestler to the mat first during the odd matches, and the home team will send wrestlers out first during the even matches.  If you see that an opponent has sent a strong wrestler to the mat first, you have the option of changing athletes on your end, providing that both wrestlers are certified for the weight and made weight.  It's an interesting option that B-R and other teams, including Sandwich, employ often to beat teams that they may not otherwise.

Winners from Barnstable included:
Aidan Flood
Jackson Chesbro
Joey Ciliberto
Joe Molina
Collin Lane
Josh Nogueira
Evan Walker

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